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Interior/Decorative Neon: Circle Center Mall

Circle Center Mall is located in Downtown Indianapolis and spans over numerous city blocks. The mall used three electrical contractors throughout the construction process. Staley Signs, Inc. has the benefit of a long relationship with these contractors.

In this situation, Staley Signs, Inc. was subcontracted by the three electrical contractors to manufacture and install a wide range of custom neon and installation of cold cathode. The cold cathode was used for subtle cove lighting. Vibrant colors of neon such as flamingo and purple were used to enhance various areas of the mall.

Neon is making a strong comeback. There are many unique ways neon can be used to decorate shopping centers, retail store and even office complexes. Staley Signs, Inc. can work with you to make a subtle or bold statement.

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Interior / Decorative Neon: Circle Center Mall 
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