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Pole/Pylon Signs: First Bank

The Design Group approached Staley Signs, Inc. with a project. They had a client, First Bank in Johnson County, which would be opening several branches over the next few months. The Design Group had designed the logo and general sign layout. They needed Staley Signs, Inc. to help work out some final details and of course to manufacture and install the signs. Some of the details included retrofitting new sign cabinets to existing sign structures.


The sign pictured has several interesting features. First, the sign has an aluminum pole cover. This really helps to dress up a sign by covering the actual pipe that supports the sign. The sign also contains a 2'-6" X 8' changeable letter, message sign. However, the most noteworthy and possibly the most subtle features are the digitally printed logo on the face and the internally illuminated ATM section. Yes, the little section that reads, "ATM" is an inset sign cabinet with a translucent face that illuminates at night.

Classy, eye-catching, and functional; these signs are drawing attention and contributing to the rapid growth of First Bank in Johnson County.

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