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Awning Signs: Frazier's

Frazier's is a furniture and gift store that has had several locations throughout the southern suburbs of Indianapolis. They have been a client of Staley Signs, Inc. for many years. The most recent project included some relocating and refurbishing of exterior signage. However, the most interesting part of the project was the awning.
Mr. Frazier wanted an internally illuminated awning sign above his main entrance inside of the Countyline Mall. He also wanted this awning to contain his company's logo. It is very important to Staley Signs, Inc. that the awning framework shadows not be visible through the face. Another feature on the awning sign is the translucent blue background with white copy. This is achieved by eradicating the blue pigment in the copy areas.

Awning signs have interior and exterior applications. They can be illuminated or non-illuminated. The Frazier's illuminated, interior awning sign is sure to grab your attention in the Countyline Mall.

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