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Channel Letters: St. Vincent

St. Vincent Health, including the St. Vincent Physician Network has been growing by leaps and bounds in the Indianapolis area. We are very proud to have manufactured many St. Vincent signs including many of the Physician Network signs, the new St. Vincent Health North offices at 103rd and Meridian, the St. Vincent Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and many other locations around Central Indiana

There are a variety of sign applications that have been used for St. Vincent. Our Individual Channel letters are quite popular with them.

These letters are internally illuminated with neon or LEDs. The LED light source works well in some St. Vincent sign applications when the letters are too small or the strokes are too thin to fit neon. LED illumination also has increased appeal because it conserves energy and requires less maintenance.
Another interesting feature is the dual color faces. The faces are translucent acrylic with 3M vinyl over the face. This vinyl overlay allows the faces to look one color during the day and light up white at night. We have used black & white and blue & white for several St. Vincent projects.

Staley Signs, Inc. is very proud of being intricately involved in the signage for one of famed Designer Michael Graves' architectural works; one of Indianapolis's most distinctly identified buildings.

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